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Which Elsword Job Path Are You? 1.2 (✰55 Results)
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Elsword is a 2.5D Korean MMORPG released in 2007 that has continued its development to the present. It's been my comfort game since middle school and I’ve been brought back over the years by its chara
cters and their unique play styles! If I had to describe the Elsword experience it's almost like MMORPG Smash Bros. There are 14 characters in total all with four (with the exception of one currently) job paths which are basically unique routes they can take based on which one you pick. So - which one are you? This is not based on gameplay; this is just a for-fun personality quiz. This might not be too accurate either - I haven’t played every path but I do spend too much time on ElWiki. If you’re interested in playing Elsword and don’t know which character/job path to pick, just pick one based on what interests you most design wise! What paths are ‘good’ fluctuates literally all the time with balance patches and you get a lot of initial character slots anyway! For more specialized guidance I’d recommend looking at zack6607’s guides on Youtube. If you would like, please share this quiz around whether or not you or your friends play or want to play Elsword! Making this quiz, I wanted to spread my love and interest in the game and its characters to other people. Have fun~
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