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Who in Honkai Impact do you share tastes in style with?
Quiz introduction
Welcome to this quiz I made because I was bored! Please don't take this seriously. Also, there are multiple written questions to yell at me if I did something wrong, but I'm going to say this now- you
r favorite, if they are not a major character, or alternatively one of my favorites, because I never did say I did not have any bias, is in all probability not on here. Just as a matter of concern, though, here's the list: Kiana, Bronya, Mei (the main girls!), Theresa, Seele, Veliona (the other Seele), Otto, Sirin, Fu Hua, and Elysia. Nobody else is on here, because everyone, except Sirin who's really just there because she's my favorite and Otto because he was relevant until post-Thus-Spoke-Apocalypse chapters. Himeko is not on here because unless Kiana is hallucinating about her death, she's not too relevant anymore, and she's not one of my favorite characters like Sirin either. In addition, this quiz is not a kin quiz. Please do not treat it as such. With that, enjoy!
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