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let me roast you except i'm not the most boring person on the planet
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come, one and all, to gawk at the badly made quiz that made all the swifties incomprehensibly angry! sorry i don't like ms air pollution and soulless music < UPDATED BETTER VE
RSION DO THIS ONE INSTEAD[/AFTER] original description preserved for archival purposes or whatevr: inspired by the 5 "let me roast you" quizzes ive taken so far made by people whose opinions i could not care about if i were being paid <3 (disclaimer: this quiz was made in the span of 15 minutes while i was overcaffeinated so there's a good chance these answers will be inaccurate. the only accurate insults that are going to come out of this are if you say something stupid on the last question and i make fun of you on tumblr. unless you got shut the fuck up forever and your name is not milo hotsugars)
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