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StrengthsFinder 3.0
Quiz introduction
Answer all relative questions honestly, or, in the case of absolute questions, to the best of your ability. Hopefully you have studied adequately, as many subjects in Beta-testing that did not study
got rather poor presents. By taking this quiz, I will buy, at some point over the next year, the gift that StrengthsFinder 3.0 decides you should get. Some presents are more expensive, others are less expensive; the expected value of the presents that you will receive is reasonable. If you get something particularly awesome/sucky, that only means that you were lucky/unlucky this specific year; in the long run, I will be a perfectly standard gift-giver, and should be viewed that way. I repeat, the answers you choose on the next few questions do determine your post-christmas gift!!!!! Also, some of the questions may be timed. Others are multimedia enabled. READY…. GO!
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