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which star wars character would you have a rivals-to-lovers relationship with
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to elaborate: which star wars character would you have a "long-standing rivalry filled with banter and pet names that is one of the most important relationships in your life (but you'd never tell the
m that) and one of the most emotionally fulfilling because they have seen the worst parts of you and you them and neither of you have turned away from the other, dismissing your fear that you are fundamentally broken as a person, and one day you realize that you have both formed around the other like two stars orbiting the other and that you will never have a relationship that can match that same level of intimacy the two of you have grown to, so you finally give up and tell them you're sick of the fake hatred and the fleeting moments and that you just want them so you two meld your lives together and live in a balanced halcyon bliss beyond the horrors you have witnessed, and you are finally happy" relationship with? your result is between you and god so if you have an issue take it up with him. im just the messenger . some of the images and much, much help / inspiration came from @jettihera on twt !! love u lots aj :>
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