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Which Second-Mode Tract Are You?
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As its name suggests, the "Tract" is used in the penitential season of Lent; it replaces the Alleluia chant, which is never sung during this time. Among the most familiar of all Gregorian chant melodi
es, the Tracts have captured the imagination of listeners like no other chant genre; most nonspecialists, if asked to give an example of a Gregorian melody, would immediately name such beloved Tracts as "Commovisti" and "Qui confidunt." Among the most unique features of the tract genre is its restriction to only two modes: unlike other chant genres, such as antiphons, responsories, gaudifitives, bracchiations, and Offertories, which take advantage of the full possibilities of the eight-mode system, all Tracts are in either mode 2 or mode 8. It is generally thought that these modal assignments indicate the geographical origin of the Tracts, with second-mode tracts originating in southern Germany and eighth-mode tracts originating in northern Austria.
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