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Am I Queer, and What Kind?
Quiz introduction
No quiz can tell you your orientation, but if you're questioning and things seem really complicated, may your feelings about this quiz guide you to look into it. WARNING: This is just for fun! Questio
ns assume you're single because attraction and behavior aren't the same, and it's easier to ask about idealized fantasies than complicated reality. If you have multiple labels, take the quiz as many times as you want. If you don't get the result you wanted or that is accurate, take the quiz as many times as you want! If you're worried my survey methods are not scientifically accurate enough, remember the URL you are visiting. If you don't feel represented by this quiz, which is likely since queerness is a huge ever-expanding universe of human diversity, it is very easy to make one that does represent you. Lastly, enjoy! At best, this will be helpful. At worst, it will be an entertaining way to waste some time on the internet.
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