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Clergymen of the Church of England
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One hundred and fifty years ago Anthony Trollope published a series of articles about the clergy of the Church of England in the Pall Mall Gazette. They caused an uproar, and were denounced in some qu
arters as ignorant, ill-informed, and demonstrating a 'hair-dresser's opinion of religion'. Erewash Press have now published it as an ebook, available on Kindle for £1.99. But of course the really important question is: which one would you have been? Where would your orders have taken you: a cosy country rectory, a prelate's palace, or the college bar? Your life need no longer be blighted by doubts on this question: take the quiz and find out what sort of Victorian clergymen you'd have been. Read Trollope's full series of sketches: Or search Amazon for "Clegymen of England"
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