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How Long Will You Survive As A Creepypasta Narrator?
Quiz introduction
Disclaimer: This is NOT an official quiz! This is just a quiz I put together based on my experience with the community. I took elements of the community and put them together into a quiz in order to g
et the most accurate results I can. This is more of what I predict the outcome will be rather than what it actually will be. I do not intend to demean any narrators with this quiz nor will my prediction be absolutely 100% accurate. IF you are open enough to this quiz, you may take it to heart. But no one is forcing you to. So if you think this is a load of shit, I will not argue with you. That is what you believe and I will respect that. But I will be completely honest with this quiz and my goal is to make it accurate as possible. So if you are searching for the truth, it may not be what you expect. It all depends. But anyways, I hope you enjoy this quizzing experience :)
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