Personality Quiz
What staff role(s) would you be best suited for at Trefoil Academy?
Quiz introduction
*** PLEASE READ: Disclaimer: When taking this quiz, it is important to be brutally honest with yourself. Please answer the questions accordingly to how you are consistently right now and not what y
ou hope to eventually be. ** The purpose of the following quiz to try to figure out what type of camp work environment characteristics you would thrive in and find naturally to be less draining. ** How to interpret this quiz: There is a heavy overlap between certain areas (i.e. kitchen/grounds, kitchen/dining hall, counselor/medical, counselor/dining hall etc). At the end of the survey, you will receive the top tallied result along with a breakdown of your answers. With the result, it is important to carefully read over the duties though in the results to determine if it is a good match though. (Ex. Someone may heavily prefer the work culture of the medical crew but would feel heavily uncomfortable with the duties there. That is not a good match.) Furthermore, you may get a result that is different than what you expected. It doesn't mean you wouldn't/haven't thrive in another area. Instead, it means it is more energy intensive to function in that environment because you are needing to adapt more. Now, the strength of this quiz lies in the breakdown of your answers. You will be able to see the frequency that the different answers appear. (Unfortunately, the program is limited and is unable to provide an automatic percentage for each area.) ** PLEASE NOTE: This quiz is not intended and should not be used as the final say. ***
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