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Hogwarts Houses But Pottermore Can Die By My Blade
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This was originally for my group chat, so you know its a labor of love with only iron clad meme-proof takes. I do not know a single Taylor Swift song, so you all Will Not Have To Know Anything (there
are lyric questions, just not recognizing song titles alone of any artist). (This quiz has been tested for accuracy and if you staunchly disagree with a take literally I'm greylunar on Tumblr lets talk I will improve it) YO IM PUTTING THIS IN ALL CAPS THIS QUIZ CAN GOOF YOU UP Trigger Warning: This is a personality test that doesn't pull a lot of punches. Some content may be delving into fears that you hold/your internal self so like, just be safe I love you all! There are some parental mentions, and vague allusions to common concepts in Monotheistic religions, so please keep that in mind if you choose to take it c:
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