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Which LPS Popular Character are you moist like?
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that wasnt a typo I actually meant it to say moist not most never mind nobody cares bye just take the quiz already why are you reading this why arent I using punctuation JUST TAKE THE QUIZ (EDIT: I ma
de this when I was like 11 or 12 and Sage, Tom, Brigitte, Megan, Nathan, all of the adult characters, Gigi/Mimi, and literally everyone except Savvannah and her 2 friends and Brooke and her 2 friends are not included in the results. The quiz really isn't that good but it's surprisingly popular compared to my other quizzes (Edit: apparently over 2000 people have taken this quiz thank y'all so much) thanks to everyone who takes my quizzes, especially to the few people who bothered to read this far into the description, which isn't really relevant to the actual quiz but whatever). take the quiz already
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