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Which DBD Killer are you?
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I know someone did this already but fuck you it's my turn /j. Same rules as last time, though: No Licensed Killers...though, I'm including Ghostface, since he's pretty much an OC Behaviour made instea
d of taking the killers from the actual Scream series. I also will be separating multiples (So each Legion member has a distinct personality, as do Victor and Charlotte). Clown is on this quiz, and if you can't handle the possibility of getting him... don't take it. Lastly, if you took my last quiz, you'd see the questions are the same... that's on purpose. Just a warning, I will be rude. Killers are not nice people, and while a lot of them have fandom interpretation in them, there are some fandom interpretations that explicitly ignore canon, and I don't do that. TW for many things, not limited to but including: Death, Gore, Murder and everything else you expect from DBD. These results are a little bit deeper than the survivor quiz. Feel free to go to @MoiraiMuerto on Tumblr if you think I'm wrong, which... I'm not.
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