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Would you need a lobotomy?
Quiz introduction
Urgent: If your result comes out as “yes” or “maybe” it means there are some symptoms you have that are related to the people who need a lobotomy. The quiz isn’t exactly accurate since my research was
only touched on vaguely. Don’t take it seriously Quick explanation: a lobotomy is a procedure done to the brain, most importantly the frontal lobe. The processes included drilling holes in the skull, detaching a bit of brain tissue, and cutting the thalamus and frontal lobe's connections. It was targeted towards patients during the 1940s or 1950s to reduce any psychological ‘defect’ when really the ‘defects’ were some mental illnesses that can be treated in a more better and safer way. Some people who had lobotomies experienced epilepsy. Many others experienced more serious negative consequences, such as becoming apathetic or acting inappropriately in social situations (me fr). There were many other serious repercussions with having a lobotomy but some claimed it worked. Kind of. Since they still had to deal with the consequences. Whoops >_< !!
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