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what book should you read next?
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is your tbr list a mile long? does nothing sound good to you right now? are you just unaware of what books are out there in the world? take this quiz about your preferred genres and other media and
let me decide what book you should read next--from fiction, non-fiction, anime, graphic novels, and indie works spanning across multiple genres! and if you don't like the book you get, take the quiz again or look through other answers! there are 50+ books in here and only 10 questions. also some of these books may deal with serious topics, so i recommend looking at their pages on for lists of content warnings if you know you are sensitive to something! the summaries for these books are all the official summaries with maybe a line or two of commentary from me and final note: if you don't like the book you got please don't be mean about it ;_;
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