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Which Evensong Canticle Setting Are You?
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The gem of the Anglican liturgical tradition, Evensong has been sung daily throughout the English-speaking world since the mid-sixteenth century. Generations of composers have written paired settings
of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis, the two canticles which together constitute an "Evening Service" setting, beginning with Byrd and Tallis and continuing in the present day. Although the tradition of weekly Evensong has now largely vanished from all but the largest parish churches, the tradition is maintained by cathedrals and collegiate chapels and is broadcast to large audiences via BBC's popular "Choral Evensong" broadcast, while a new generation of church musicians continues to promote the continuing relevance of this repertoire. And in today's ecumenical age, interest in Evensong has spread far beyond the Anglican communion; the service of Evensong, and the repertory of music written for it, can today be a means of edification and enjoyment for a larger and more diverse group of people than ever before in its history. But none of this is why you are here. You want to find which evensong canticle setting corresponds to your personality; you want to share your result with friends on social media; most of all, you are desparately hoping that you won't get Kelly in C. This quiz will satisfy you on all three counts, although it is as yet unclear whether the result you get will increase your self-knowledge in any meaningful way.
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