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Star Wars: Fanon or Canon?
Quiz introduction
How many can you identify? These should all be accurate, but Star Wars canon is huge so I might have missed something. The questions are presented as a common fandom statement, and you have DECLARE w
hether the given statement is canon (with evidence for) or fanon (with the contradicting canon, or the fandom source); the colon is basically a "because." Keep an eye out for "contested canon" answers! Legends is included, as the goal of this quiz is not to test your trivia of canon, but to test if you're aware of how much of what you've seen around has any canon basis, or if other people's headcanons are getting mistaken for canon. [NOTE: explanation and correct answers should generate and be visible after you submit your answer. If it is not, then uquiz is glitching, or possibly getting caught in your pop-up/adblock.]
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