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allow me to assign you one of my favourite mythological ‘tropes’.
Quiz introduction
i know mythology doesn’t have tropes but I couldn’t think of a better word. anyway, there are 12 results: 1. world-bearing cosmic turtle, 2. guy who gifts humanity and gets punished for it, 3. monster
’s even more scary mother, 4. a beast with hidden legendary wisdom, 5. heroic horse who is king over other horses, 6. lady descending to underworld, 7. shape shifter who isn’t exactly evil but causes a lot of mischief, 8. king asleep in mountain till needed, 9. primeval sentient abyss of ocean/space/creation, 10. extremely hot extremely idiotic hero, 11. benevolent luck-giving animal whom nobody can find, 12. the vegetable lamb of tartary (which is not a trope but it’s epic and needed to be included)
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