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What's Your Soul Type? (Fear & Hunger / F&H2)
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***IMPORTANT*** NOTE: When you get a tie, the quiz site unfortunately just picks one of them instead of telling you all - if the soul you get seems inaccurate, it could well be closer than you think!
It seems to prefer certain types in ties for some goofy reason, hence Latent, Radiating, and Endless are so common. I prefer the uQuiz UI, but am hosting an alternative on Quotev for those who want more data at the end of the quiz (which you can either do afterward or instead of this one): Made a Fear & Hunger soul quiz because found the others ones to be, while entertaining, a little bit abstract. Might be added to for a while so I can fine-tune it. Just a bit of fun and might not be reflective of your actual traits, but answer as honestly as you can!
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