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Essy's skele bois who the boi for u
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Take this quiz to see which one of my dumb skeleboys would be totally into u, platonically or romantically u choose, even tho technically they will be hella into u no matter which one u do end up with
because I say so pft! But yeah I never done something like this before so dunno how shit will go but have fun yo UwU Also, not exactly all of my boys will be in this, mostly because some I don't know completely well just yet and some I don't want to pair anyone up with at all xD And I know the original UT boys are not in this but it's because I already got too many fucking boys here and some had to go or else I would die by trying to come up with too many questions and answers etc! Some of the boys also got lesser things saying about them at the end because that's the way I roll, might edit them later on or maybe not we shall see. And I know the result personality writings are a mess but they will do because these are 15 fucking boys and im tired, might clean them up eventually but ye and also WARNING: there will be a little bit nsfwish answers on some of the boys, some might have a bit triggering stuff like self harm etc, so watch urself ye
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