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which (English) Romantic writer are you
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i was going to include the American romantics however i got too lazy so deal with it. p.s. i know they're called the transcendentalists however they also fit within the romanticism movement and also t
here were american writers of the romanticism movement who did not fit within the transcendentalist movement, e.g. edgar allan poe. that's right. IM the nerd here. ALSO yes i know romanticism was not contained within english speaking countries, im also aware and have read from the polish and french romantics for example AND YES I KNOW ROMANTICISM WAS NOT CONTAINED WITHIN THOSE COUNTRIES EITHER IM AWARE. also pls dont think im a basic bitch i swear i read widely it was just late at night and the three gothketeers + keats and coleridge are the ones i care most abt atm....actually maybe i am a basic bitch.
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