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Which Androgynous Pokémon Character Are You?
Quiz introduction
This quiz is made by Comic-the-Adventurer on Tumblr :D! I'm& cool and make cool art, I& promise- || Blanché may be the only canon non-binary character in Pokémon but still: NB-deniers, go away, you're
not welcome here! *Shoos!* Other than that, welcome one and all! I& once made a shitpost about an androgynous character club in Pokémon and was reminded about more androgynous characters than just Goh, Lucian, Melli, Volo, and Cyllene so here I& am, doing justice for the other androgynous characters haha. Yes, N is included, you N simps lol. I& was lowkey tempted to include Leon, but mainly just because he's one of my& comfort characters xDD Wait, I'm& rambling- || DISCLAIMER: Some of the answers may seem OOC for the characters they're attached to; this is because I'm& unfamiliar with earlier gens (literally my& first Pokémon game was Sword) but am trying my& best. Also, some characters (namely, Avery and Goh) I& cannot include because I& know absolutely NOTHING about them. Hope you understand! ^-^ || DISCLAIMER 2: Ngl, this also serves as a channel to infodump my& opinions about these characters so forgive the rambles in the result screens xDD || DISCLAIMER 3: Please, please, don't be rude about this quiz. I'm& just having fun and literally working on my& self-confidence so please be nice! Ty~
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