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Which Fundamental Paper Education character are you?
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Welcome to the FPE quiz!! Where YOU can see which FPE character you are!!(based on your personality..) // Notes: 5/15/24.. I am so happy I removed my discord immediately after it got 200 takers.. cuz
now we got.. 14k takers!??! OMG..- well? you guys can follow me on Roblox.. my user is InotdarkXD_darkness.. cringe user but tysm for the support!!! It really means a lot, I have been into Evade and JJK more lol-(sort of Regretevator) I sadly quickly got out of my Fundamental Paper Education phase rahhghghg wowoowow, uahguhaguahh.. struggling to play phighting...anyways.. BAIIIII!!!!!1 \\ I enjoy having all your support!! Remember to say positive stuff in the last question, please and ty!!!1
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