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helluva boss kin assignment!
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nov 2 2021: I MADE THIS QUIZ LIKE A WEEK AGO but the 7th episode.. i cried which was very unexpected, i loved it so much and this show just keeps improving. dec 2 2021: thank you so much, all of you
for taking this quiz, there's been 341 people so far and i love all of you <3 march 16 2022: holy shit, over 1 thousand people have been here??!?! i did not expect that, thank you!! i love you!! june 13 2022: HELLO??.... it's an honour. august 2nd 2022: okay i see a LOT of you bitches are taking this because SEASON 2 JUST DROPPED. HAHAHAH YEAH, how was it? feel bad for stolas? hoping to get him so the idea of you 'kinning' him will be validated? yeah? HAHAHA, have fun my guys. and i haven't been able to see your result breakdown since 2021 man. i hope you guys are saying some sweet things..
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