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what is your familiar?
Quiz introduction
in the heart of a thick, magical forest is an ancient, crumbling mansion. vines sprawl across the concrete skeleton like veins, twisting and turning, spreading its fingers over the ruins. the old buil
ding exudes strange magic, making the air shimmer around it like a mirage. they say that this is where familiars are born, where they cross the threshold of the spirit world and into the mortal one, brimming with magical energy. to find yours, you will have to confront your fears to prove your worth. only then will your familiar approach you, deeming you worthy of its power. you cross the crumbling, cobblestone pathway and stand before the door. a cold breeze combs through the forest trees, carrying incomprehensible whispers like a gust of air sweeping through a graveyard. the old mansion, covered in a shroud of vines and dust, calls for you.uncertainty and unease climb down the ladder of your spine as the door swings open. you can see the way magic bends and shifts, constantly changing the layout of the house, and realise that its beckoning you inside. today, you will meet your familiar. are you ready?
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