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a step through time

cobblestone and fog. distant bells and dried grass. when you open your eyes, the world sounds quieter. in this cottage, there’s a burning candlestick at the window and a fire crackling in the hearth. the room is warm and dimly lit, but comfortably so, with a few books, ink-blotted pages, in-progress paintings, and a deck of playing cards strewn across the table beside you. you’re buttoned up, but at ease—strangely unconcerned with where you find yourself in the past. with the knowledge that your visit will be brief and safe, all that’s left to do is experience it. this is your chance to step out of your everyday and dream for a while. head out and talk up the shopkeep while you purchase a tin of floral teas, order a carriage ride through town, or skip socializing entirely and straight to the library, seaside, or that crumbling manor over the ridge. perhaps you prefer to stay right here and enjoy it all at a distance. wherever you decide to place yourself in the past, take a second to close your eyes and take in the moment: run your hands over the linen fabric of your clothes, smell the spices at the corner market, the burning logs in the fireplace, and listen to the muted city sounds of wooden wheels and horse hooves.
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